SENSEO is intended for the decorative painting of interior walls and ceilings made of cement, lime-cement, lime, gypsum plasterwork, for drywall, wood and wood-based materials, brick and rock. It gives mat coatings which allow “full respiration” of the walls. Triple Advantage System means that SENSEO interior paint features great covering, high efficiency and durable colours. The correct formula of SENSEO means that applying is very easy and the final effect is fully satisfying.

Triple Advantage System
  1. Triple Advantage System Great covering - SENSEO paints feature great covering. This is due to the ideal balance between resins and correctly selected fillers.
  2. High efficiency - one of the main advantages of SENSEO paints for the client is their extraordinary efficiency. You can coat 14 m2 with 1 litre of paint.
  3. Durable colours - the formula of SENSEO paints includes specially selected film forming substance ingredients, pigments and plasticizers that decide about high durability of colours, very good adhesion and by assuring correct strength parameters.

Thixotropy and "breathing" of walls
brak chlapania podczas malowaniaSENSEO paints feature high thixotropy, i.e. thick consistency in the container and are light when applying at the same time. Using the right combination of auxiliary substances enables additional non-spilling effect.

OddychaSENSEO is also high steam-penetrability parameters. Thanks to the correct paint coat structure, the steam particles can freely move from the base to the outside. This prevents steam condensation inside the wall and development of biological corrosion centres.