1. What to use to brighten a Senseo paint?
2. There is a distinct smell of paint in the rooms for several days after painting. Does it have an adverse effect on health?
3. How to paint new cement and lime plasters?
4. What to do when paint flakes off?
5. Can you apply topcoat paint to drywall without previous priming?
6. How to apply latex paints to avoid streaks? What tools are used to apply latex paints? How to paint to avoid differences in hues and to evenly distribute the paint?
7. I want to apply two different colours in one room and join them in the middle of one of the walls. How can I do it?
8. What is the order of painting for floors, ceiling and walls?
9. How to avoid curtaining of paint and run stains when applying enamel to metal?
10. How to assure uniform colour when painting?
11. Can I coat a metal surface that has been already coated with another paint?
12. Why is the colour inside the can sometimes different from the colour I want to obtain?
13. What is a paint?
14. What substances are included in a paint?
15. What is a latex paint?