6. How to apply latex paints to avoid streaks? What tools are used to apply latex paints? How to paint to avoid differences in hues and to evenly distribute the paint?

You should start painting by applying latex primer to avoid these errors. It stabilizes the absorptiveness of the base, improves adherence of topcoats and enables even drying. You can apply Senseo topcoat when the priming coat is dry. Rollers are the best choice as far as effectiveness and economy are concerned. The coats are thicker and the surfaces are covered faster and more precise. Paint the area in strips approx. three widths of a roller wide, distribute the paint carefully moving up and down. Pay attention to apply the same amount of paint to the same area. Move the roller in one direction only during the “smoothing” of the wet top layer because any other technique will result in different directional structure of sections of wall that will reflect light in different directions making it appear as streaks. Another reason for streaks is painting with a roller with shorter hairs or with insufficient amount of paint. Mix several of containers of paint in one common container to avoid differences in hue. Mix the paint from time to time during painting.