Beige and brown

Orange derives from yellow and red, it combines their advantages, makes your psyche stronger by delicately exciting and increasing optimism. It is a colour that stimulates emotions and even - appetite. It is associated with energy and warmth. Ideal for bathrooms when combined with yellow. It lightens up space so it is good for rooms with small amount of daylight or with artificial light, such as hall.
It is a good idea to use orange as an intensive addition to a children's room when combined with azure and delicate shades of green. It creates very cheerful interiors when paired with any shade of yellow. White on the other hand, tones down orange, this colour combination is ideal for the living room where walls can be paired with drapes in the same colour, calming the room with white additions.

Pink, peach and beige belong to the very rich palette of pastel colours. They are bright, calm colours with a big share of white. They can be used in all rooms and freely combined with other colours, especially with primary colours that made up a rainbow. They can be used in rooms we want to revive, e.g. children's rooms as they are a great contrast to pastel colours.
Beige is a symbol of health and reliability, it can increase appetite. Used in a room may have a relaxing effect. It makes other colours look deeper and lighter. Paired with green creates palette of earth colours. This colour palette is good in almost every room. It can be paired with yellow, pink or rust-coloured shades of orange. It looks very elegant with deep violet, grey or orange-red. Beige is used for a calming, relaxing background which might be embellished in many interesting ways, e.g. by painting a small strip with a different colour or making it stronger with ornamented drapes.